“Grain boundary” engineering in electrospun ZnO nanostructures
A Breakthrough in Atherosclerosis Research
Dr. Baykara Selected as One of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World”
Dr. Talha Erdem has been awarded Newton International Fellowship
Dr. Ayşe Begüm Tekinay received the FABED Award of 2016
The UNAM Annual Report 2015 is released
New Book Series “Understanding and M. FRET-1,2,3” by Prof. H. V. Demir
Acı Kaybımız

Acı Kaybımız

Bilkent Research on Nano Friction Published in Nature Communications
Prof. H. V. Demir assigned as a Guest Editor of an Issue of the IEEE(JSTQE)
3rd annual Nanoday symposium is completed
Dr. Tamer Uyar received International Cyclodextrin Jozsef Szejtli Award
“Nanotraps” for effective removal of lead(II) in water
New routes for mass production of indefinitely long carbon atomic chains
Assoc. Prof. Mustafa O. Güler has been invited to become a FRSC.
UNAM Researchers received BAGEP awards
Prof. Orhan Güvenen has been awarded TheATLAS
Bilkent University UNAM faculty members have been awarded an MIT
New book “Optical Tweezers – Principles and Applications” by Dr. Giovanni Volpe
Engin Durgun Receives Mustafa Parlar Research Award

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